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InfoDEN pabx call logger, call accounting and billing software.
InfoDEN Pty Ltd

InfoDEN PABX Call Logger, Call Accounting and Billing Software.

Welcome to InfoDEN Pty Ltd , an Australian based software developer specialising in PABX call logger, telephone call accounting and billing software.  At InfoDEN providing quality products is only the first step to fulfilling our clients' requirements. Every product must also be accompanied by a high standard of professional customer service in order to provide our clients with the complete solution they desire.

Our product range currently includes the PABX Call Logger and our Telephone Call Costing Engine.  We also currently have eight additional products at the prototype stage. All eight prototypes are due for commercialisation later this year.  For more information about any InfoDEN products or services please contact our Sales Manager

Telephone call costing engine.

Over the past four years InfoDEN has developed a powerful telephone call costing engine capable of being integrated into various applications.  InfoDEN's call costing engine is platform independent and can be complied to run on Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP, Apple OS X, Linux, Unix and Windows CE environments.  The telephone call costing engine can be licenced for use by any interested billing software application developer requiring accurate telephone call costing capabilities. 

The telephone call costing engine is not limited to use by standard desktop billing systems.  The call costing engine can also be run on a web server in order to perform call costing functions for dynamic web sites, such as internet based billing systems or telephone call cost calculators.  As a call cost calculator the costing engine is capable of re-costing a single call using up to 256 different telephone carrier charging tables.   

The call costing engine was conceived during the development of our PABX Call Logger and has now taken on a life of its own.  The call costing engine is an extremely powerful and flexible piece of technology and was recently awarded a Australian Federal Government COMET Grant. For more information about the telephone call costing engine please contact our Sales Manager .

PABX Call Logger for call accounting and billing software.

InfoDEN's initial product was the PABX Call Logger which was developed to meet the needs of billing software developers who required a cost effective means of integrating PABX call costing information with their proprietary billing systems. Logger captures PABX call data sent to the PC, processes the call records and outputs the processed calls in the format required by the billing software. A PABX Call Logger interface can be developed to provide PABX call accounting support to any third party billing software application.

The PABX Call Logger has been on the market since 1999 and has evolved into an extremely stable, accurate and reliable application.  Logger has been designed to meet the high expectations of the accommodation market where continuous operation is required.  We take pride in knowing that Logger consistently exceeds the expectations of new customers.  For more information about the PABX Call Logger please contact our Sales Manager.  

Software Development Services.

We also have experienced personnel capable of developing software applications under contract.  Our experience in developing PABX interfaces has provided us with the expertise to develop the serial interfaces required for many existing hardware platforms, eg POS terminals, gaming machines, etc.  Our software development services extend through to complete database driven applications incorporating web-based user interfaces.    For more information about our software development and database design services please contact our Sales Manager.