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InfoDEN PABX Call Biller - billing software for hotels and motels.
InfoDEN Pty Ltd

InfoDEN PABX Call Biller (Express)

--- telephone billing software for hotels and motels ---

Biller Express - pabx billing software

The Biller Express telephone billing software is designed for hotels and motels that need to generate telephone bills for guest and administration phones. 

Biller Express is an extremely easy to use pabx billing software application. Biller Express was specifically designed to meet the needs of those organisations that require a simple means of printing a telephone bill without the complexity associated with more comprehensive telephone call accounting and pabx call tracking software.    


Biller Express' strength stems from it's simplicity. Unlike other pabx call tracking software, Biller Express is designed to meet the needs of establishments that do not require complex telephone call accounting and management functions.

Biller Express simply:

  • Generates telephone bills for guests.
  • Prints detailed statements when guests check-out.
  • Displays room account balances for selected date/time ranges. 
  • Uses multiple client types with a different markup rates. eg apply a higher markup for short term guests.  
  • Includes a query builder with the ability to save and export query results. 

PABX Call Logging

Biller Express uses our PABX Call Logger software to collect and process calls from the PABX.  Our PABX Call Logger is a real-time PABX call logging, costing and exporting application utilising InfoDEN's powerful Telephone Call Costing Engine . Put simply, Logger captures call detail records from a PABX, it costs each call then sends the processed call details to Biller Express.  

As Biller Express does not connect directly to the PABX it does not need to left running at all times. Biller Express can simply be started whenever a telephone bill is required. On starting, Biller Express will automatically import all unprocessed call records and then check for new calls on a regular basis. 

InfoDEN PABX Call Biller - call accounting / call tracking software for hotels and motels.

InfoDEN PABX Call Biller Express - Telephone Call Records Screen

For more information about our PABX Call Biller please contact our Sales Manager.