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InfoDEN pabx call logger, call accounting and billing software.
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InfoDEN Products

Pabx Call Logger       Pabx Call Biller Express      Telephone Call Costing Engine

Infoden currently has three fully commercialised products available for sale.  These are the Telephone Call Costing EnginePABX Call Logger and PABX Call Biller (Express).

Other InfoDEN technologies/products that await commercialisation include: 

1. HTML Filter - this is a configurable program allowing the filtering of HTML documents to remove required text.  This application is currently used to strip telephone call records from HTML based phone bills and format the output for processing by InfoDEN's telephone call costing engine.  This powerful utility is especially useful in converting data in HTML tables into text records capable of being imported into a multitude of applications and databases. eg extracting records from on-line telephone directories for use in marketing databases.

2. HTML Downloader - this utility downloads HTML files using predefined lists. When used in conjunction with the HTML Filter it allows for multiple files to be downloaded and filtered ready for database importing in the one session. 

3. OCR Filter - similar to the HTML Filter, this program is used to extract text from hard copy (paper) documents or image files.  It is also currently used to strip telephone call records from telephone bills and format the output for processing by InfoDEN's telephone call costing engine.  

4. Telephone Call Reporting and Analysis Database - this is simply a reporting tool allowing the indepth analysis of telephone call records. It can be used in conjuction with the PABX Call Logger to monitor PABX activity or the HTML/OCR Filters to analyse carrier telephone bills.    

5. Carrier Call Cost Comparison Tool - utilising the power of InfoDEN Telephone Call Costing Engine this utility generates carrier call cost comparison reports for up to 256 user specified carriers.  It compares call cost for either individual calls or multiple call records.  

For more information about any of InfoDEN's products please contact our Sales Manager.