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Interactive PABX Controllers

--- Ericsson --- LG Aria --- Hybrex ---

The InfoDEN Interactive PABX Controllers are a group of middleware software products developed to send commands to specific PABX systems.  The PABX Controllers interpret the generic commands from third party applications and translate them into PABX specific commands.  This allows third party application developers to generate PABX independent commands to perform advanced fucntions such as Guest Check-in.  The PABX Controllers interpret these PABX independent commands and convert them into PABX specific commands in order to complete the require actions on the connected PABX.

The PABX Controllers are capable of performing many advanced funtions including:

  • Guest Check-in
  • Guest Check-out 
  • Change class of service 
  • Change guest name 
  • Change call pre-paid amount 
  • Change PIN 
  • Set wake-up call 
  • Cancel wake-up call 
  • Set recurring wake-up call 
  • Cancel recurring wake-up call 
  • Set clock 
  • Change language for extension 
  • View room clean status 
  • Change room clean status 
  • Cancel message waiting on extension 
  • Set message waiting on extension 

The funtions performed by each PABX Controller depend on the PABX make and model. Each PABX supports a varying list of advanced functions. InfoDEN has currently developed Interactive PABX Controllers for the following PABX models:


  • BP250


  • Aria GDK 34e
  • Aria GDK 100
  • Aria GDK 186
  • Aria LDK 130
  • Aria LDK 300


  • B1
  • BX
  • BX
  • G1
  • G2
  • GDS

For more information about our range of PABX Controllers please contact our Sales Manager.